Capturing some of the stories and histories of our curler members on their experiences from Scottish Week
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The man behind the photos…

2017 brought a number of new curlers to Scottish Week, one of whom is Archie McNee. Archie is both an amateur curler and a talented photographer. We have incorporated many of his photos into this year's website.

Archie also recorded some videos from the Scottish evening of Roy, Graham and Gregor and posted them onto YouTube. I've embedded a couple of videos below, but check out
Archie's YouTube page as he posts more videos from 2017 Scottish Week!

This video is "Caledonia"…

and this is "Yellow on the Broom", for which Kara has new lyrics for next year, "Werner's on the Broom"….
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In January 2016 Jacques Rey provided this photo of the end of Roy’s whisky tasting. He suggested that the photo be used in an advertisement of the tournaments!

The photo is excellent, with the Matterhorn framed nicely by the “peaks” of the whisky bottles (I did notice they look rather empty!), foreground of tasty Scottish sweets, and with a clearly satisfied Roy enjoying the moment…
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From Jane Carmichael March 2015: It all started in 1969 when one of the ladies from New Monkland Curling Club - Nenna Quinn (sadly no longer with us) was invited to go to Zermatt for the first time to participate in the Scottish Week. After that she invited a couple of friends along and from that began the close relationship between our club's lady members and the Scottish Week. Numbers attending vary but from 1989 I believe there has only been one year when no New Monkland ladies arrived in Zermatt to curl! Nenna came for the last time in 2004, which was the first year Jean and I came along - there were 10 of us that year! 

And the name Derby Girls? - That came from us always staying at the Derby Hotel, where they have always been so good to us - their staff are fantastic! Even to the point of allowing us to host the traditional Whisky Party in our rooms on a Thursday evening - a great long-standing tradition where whisky and traditional scottish fare is served! Once I remember one guest on the same floor as the party, which was being held in two rooms and the corridor, complained (even though we had offered him a whisky too) and he was asked to leave next day. On one occasion when the Fife curlers brought haggis along to Zermatt to have a Burns' Supper their hotel refused to cook it. We asked at the Derby and Pasquale cooked it for us - even brought it up to the party rooms to serve it! There are not many hotels like the Derby around!! The Derby Girls are well known for being very social animals - as are most curlers - we love a good party and singing and dancing!

Only in recent years have we had to (because of numbers) hold it in the Continental Hotel, where the staff are equally fantastic. And when Roy came along we started the Friday whisky tasting sessions too - you can never have too much whisky don't you agree?
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From Roy and Alison Murray February 2014: To celebrate the Millennium, East Fife Curling Province decided to mark the occasion by arranging a "Curling tour of Switzerland", primarily because the opportunity of curling on "outdoor ice" is so rarely available to us at home in Scotland. We played initially in St. Moritz, before taking the glacier express to Zermatt. The annual Scottish Week event, combined with the glorious location, made the decision to return very easy! As a result, for the last 14 years, we have made it the first date in our diary. The format of the competitions, where making new friends seems totally natural, the fantastic location, and above all, the incredible hospitality of our Swiss hosts, make it an unmissable experience. I have been very fortunate in having some very talented musicians accompany me, which has allowed us to contribute, in a small way, to the entertainment in the evenings, as well as hosting the "Whisky Tasting" on the ice, at the end of the last competition. (A choice of several malt whiskies always to choose from) I have no hesitation in suggesting that "Scottish Week" is likely to be one of the best curling experiences you are ever likely to have!