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What you get by participating in the Scottish Week tournaments

  • Fun and relaxation...it’s a great time both on and off the ice
  • Challenge...competing on open-air ice is difficult due to ice and weather conditions. As well, you will be playing with new teammates in each tournament.
  • A beautiful setting...curling at the foot of the Matterhorn and the fabulous Swiss alps
  • New friendships...you truly get to know people by competing with them and against them (not to mention the post-game aperos, pre-apero aperos, pre-dinner aperos, dinners, pre-party aperos, parties, and post-party aperos)

A typical Scottish Week in Zermatt
  • There are three tournaments held over a five day period
  • Each tournament consists of three games
  • Players can choose to participate in one, two, or all three tournaments
  • Registration is done prior to each tournament
  • Mixed Scottish and Swiss teams are assembled taking into account player’s position preferences
  • Teams are drawn the night before each tournament begins
  • Each game runs for 7 ends, with no extra ends in case of ties
  • Winners of the tournaments are determined based upon Points (2, 1, 0), Ends, and Stones
  • Please note that for outdoor curling there is no free guard zone

What it costs
  • There is a small cost per tournament played, plus the Scottish and Swiss Particpants sponsor the two evening parties

Who can attend
  • As per every curling event, the total attendance will be limited to available ice and event management
  • Some experience in curling is required, but the Scottish Week is open to all levels and abilities
  • Individual curlers are welcome...you do NOT have to attend as a team

What you need to bring
  • Curling shoes
  • Clothes appropriate for curling in temperatures between -10 degrees to +5 degrees C
  • Kneepads/elbow pads or helmets (optional, but the rinks can get slippery)
  • Brooms are available to borrow from the Zermatt Curling Club
  • Stones and ice are provided (!)
  • Good sportmanship and a good sense of humour