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The Scottish Week was created around 1930. Curlers from Dundee area of Scottland met with Swiss curlers in Zermatt. The Scottish curlers presented their Swiss colleagues the “Dundee Kettle” (left photo) and in response, the Curling Club Zermatt presented the “Swiss Silver Curling Stone” (right photo). These were the only two competitions held during the Scottish week.

Dundee-Kettle-1AM_1971-200 Swiss-Silver-Curlingn-Stone-1AM_1973-200

In 1994, a third competition was added when Amédée Biner offered the “Praliné Cup”. Today, the awards for our final competition are indeed the finest Swiss chocolates supplied by
Biner. The January 2018 competition marked the 25th anniversary of the Praliné Cup.